John Travolta - Saturday Night Fever

The original: Travolta first shot to fame as a disco dancer in Saturday Night Fever in 1977 - Pinned

John Travolta, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, Paramount, 1977, **I.V.

John Travolta created a huge stir in late 1977 with his Oscar-nominated role as Tony Manero, king of the Brooklyn dance floor, in Saturday .

Dancefloor icon: The original John Travolta strut, 'Saturday Night Fever', 1977.

Saturday nut fever: Squirrel strikes John Travolta pose

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Couldn't wait to see this as soon as it came out. I had the album too. Albums....

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. such a good movie and sound track. My oldest brother looked just like John Travolta !

John Travolta ■ Saturday Night Fever 1977

Time to get your boogie shoes on! "Saturday Night Fever," starring John Travolta in his Oscar-nominated performance, opened on this date in And it's still stayin' alive. Photo of Travolta from the L.


"It's been a rough night." -----------------------John Travolta in character as "Tony Manero" in a screen still from "Saturday Night Fever", 1977

Great picture of all three here..but Barry???you're the man ;)was he a hunk or what????

The Bee Gees

The Bee of my favorite groups of all time . loved their love ballads.

#TheLIST: Summer in the City

#TheLIST: Summer in the City

Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta (Tony Manero) & Karen Lynn Gorney (Stephanie). Brings back my disco memories from high school in 1977 :))

Saturday Night Fever, I want to dance on a dance floor like that.

Dance floor from 2001 Odyssey(Saturday Night Fever). Would love to have the dance floor, lighting, sound system, etc.

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

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