Sewing on appliques with machine- tutorial  tips, also links to other sewing tips

Sewing on appliqués with machine- tutorial tips Sara of Craft Snob introduces Kim of Retro Mamma for 4 wonderful lessons of sewing basics and much more.

Applique Tutorial: Curves ---  when I do all applique, I put my hands right on top of the project and use my fingers to maintain full control over it while I stitch. And go slowly while you sew!!

Creating Applique Curves looks as easy as it sounds. Don't be concerned if you do not now how to make an applique letter or design, because you will learn the basic sewing techniques here.

This is such a great site, I hardly know where to begin.  Check it out for a wealth of information.  You may want to start with sewing basics (and they are all here) or something like machine applique.

Summer Sewing ~ Simple Machine Appliqué

diy home sweet home: Sewing 101

Sewing 101

Easy embroidery tutorial: side snap shirt, fabric for applique, Heat n Bond LITE, thread, image to applique

Sewing tutorials

When's the last time you dusted off your sewing machine?

Appliqué is a fun way to express yourself with fabric. Learn How to Applique by following these simple steps. It's easier than you think.

How to Applique

Sewing machine applique is easy and fun. I've demonstrated 5 simple beginner techniques to get you started.