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Use a black Sharpie to transform plain white kicks into saddle shoes.

30 DIY Sharpie Projects You Have to Try

Sharpies - wonder if this would work on some scuffed up black leather sandles I have...

Would a Sharpie really work ~ not run if it got wet? Pinner said: "New idea I had with my infamous Sharpie skills! Just grab some cheap off-brand of Vans from either Walmart, Kmart or Payless and go-to-town with the Sharpies! The designs are endless.

Cool - somebody did this with Sharpies :-)

Gratuitous Sharpie Art

I've been wanting to do this for a really long time and I just found out that you can do sharpie art on cheep vans if you use oil based sharpies like sharpie paint.

Sharpie Art on Converse All Star tennis shoes. Had a crazy dream last night about something like this......

More Sharpie Art on Converse All Stars

After Kim’s Birthday Shoes, I wanted to keep going. So Brittany and Jack are the newest recipient of Sharpie Art on Converse All Star tennis shoes. Sharpie’s metalic color worked awes…

tuitty fruitty…oh rudy.

tuitty fruitty...oh rudy

Watermelon Converse - CLOTHING - I found this pair of old white converse shoes at my Grandparents house and, of course, immediately started thinking of ways I could fluff them up a bi