No V-neck / Low necklines (most people, however, say that you SHOULD wear V-necks, so, if you wear them, make sure the top is very long - under hips)

Are you a short-waisted women? Do you have short torso? We share 9 simple tips & tricks for dressing short-waisted body type for women.

Short torso

Wear skirt above or at knee length. Wearing long skirt (below knee) will only lengthen your lower body and thus making your upper body look even shorter. One way to offset this effect is to wear the same color top and skirt.

Tips & Tricks to Dressing Short-Waisted Body Type ← Paris Ciel - EN

Don’t tuck in top Wear longer length tops that end lower than your natural waistline Continue reading here: Tips & Tricks to Dressing Short-Waisted Body Type

No matter how high your waist or short your torso is, you can't target that specific area for fat loss. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the goal of a trimmer-looking midsection. A ...

Exercises to Thin a High Waist & Short Torso

When your natural waist is closer to your bust than your hips you are likely to be short waisted

Style Tips for Short Waisted Women

Style Tips for Short Waisted Women (longer legs usually means a proportionately shorter torso)

Determine if you have a long or short waistline... and tips on how to dress for each.

How to dress a short waisted and long waisted body. A short-waisted (left) and a long-waisted (right) woman.

Reader Ilujna e-mailed me this request: You’ve done balancing a long torso and downplaying hips but I was wondering if you could do something on short torsos? I’ve got “great” hips…

Advice for short-waisted women and those with short torsos, including dressing tricks that balance your natural proportions.

The Best Swimsuits For YOUR Shape  Short Torso Your waist is naturally high and your legs extra-long. Steer clear of high-waisted bottoms that’ll shorten your torso; instead, craft the appearance of a longer midsection with low-rise bottoms. Ones with ruching in the waistband can be adjusted higher or lower, depending on your personal preference.

The Best Swimsuits For YOUR Shape

Short Torso Proportionally speaking, the top half of your frame is significantly smaller than your bottom. The downside: There’s less real estate (so to speak) above your waistline. Your Body Type Doppelgänger Solange


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