Downton Abbey :) I am seriously in love with the show. I love Mary's riding habit from this episode.

As seen on Downton Abbey season one women rode sidesaddle and had long dressy riding habits. The top hat was also in fashion at this time but a woman would only have worn one while riding - it was usually for men.

Riding side saddle always looks so elegant.

Learning to ride sidesaddle in a classic habit is near the top of my bucket list!

Side Saddle: The Brown 1880's Habit

While going through the photo folders on my computer, I found some photos of my brown side saddle habit that I sold at auction rec.

This is waaay harder than it looks - would like to try this.  So Downton elegant!  :)

Jessica Cherriman jumping a fence - Quorn Opening Meet 2011 - Photography by Nico Morgan Media, Oakham, Rutland

Side Saddle Diagram 1

The Oregon Regency Society ~ Northwest Chapter: Riding Sidesaddle; a very horsey post!

Love em' or hate em' - they're our celebrities #DanCamacho #Celebrities

Side Saddle Elegance Nicole Kidman in Far and Away Celebrities Famous People Riding Horses.