Stay healthy at work with these posture pointers: posture tips for working at desk

Stay healthy at work with these posture pointers

The Staying Happy and Healthy at Work Infographic presents steps you can take to keep happy, healthy and fit in the modern day workplace.

My Year At A Standing Desk And Why I'll Never Go Back | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

My Year At A Standing Desk And Why I’ll Never Go Back

Fast Company Web Producer Cia Bernales made the switch to a standing desk a year ago. She shares why she’s never going back to a regular office chair and how her posture got a new angle.

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Humanscale® Sit + Stand Desk - Black with Walnut

By not taking up your entire desk the Alto Stand by @by_rldh can be used almost anywhere!

Alto Stand Walnut

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There is no such thing as sitting ergonomically! The "Ergonomic Office Chair" is An Oxymoron.   Sign up for Upright Updates before 11/25/16 to get 20% off your order:

4 Pro Tips To Get the Most from Your Standing Desk

If ergonomic office chairs "worked," then why are so many people still plagued with neck, shoulder, back and hip pain? The reason is simple: there are plenty of “ergonomic” desk chairs, but there's.

How to use a stand-up desk? Yes, there are ergonomics associated with these...

Standing desk dilemma: Too much time on your feet?

Can't wait for our new study/office area in the Quiet Room. Standing workspace plus a traditional desk.will see if this helps my son study

TaskMate Go -- Sit-to-Stand Desk (w/ Dual Monitor Arm)

Dual Monitor Adjustable Standing Desk - In reality, many medical professionals are now talking about 'sitting disorder.