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Soldiers in Afghanistan: Load Your Weapons

Characters can be tailor-made, or bought "off the shelf" from a variety of tiers of bad-assery (and then customized from the off-the-shelf version).  I think this guy looks like a mid-tier bad-ass.

If I ever find myself not knowing what to do my back up plan is to go to a military college. At the military academy in Ottawa along with learning to become a soldier they can teach you a trade as an alternate source of income.

Support the troops | Omni Glass & Paint Inc. | OEM - Specialty Glass | For clear protection around your people, around the clock, and around the world, choose Omni to provide you with a total ballistic frame and window solution. Our ballistic glass is developed and fabricated to meet test specifications for military and civilian uses. |

This image of one of our brave soldiers helps to inspire elements of Jack Wagner in The Deceived.

Profile of Marine with rifle, with helmet bearing God inscription and can opener.

A Marine at Con Thien wears his faith, alongside earthly goods, on his helmet. September/October “To every Marine on that hilltop the Lord always seemed nearby.” War Without Heroes, Photo by David Douglas Duncan

A true hero. Soldiers dedicate their lives and hearts to protecting people.  <3

A true hero. Soldiers dedicate their lives and hearts to protecting people.and take time to have a little fun.

American Soldiers- PTSD Awareness - these men women WILL fight you if startled. Be cautious, Be kind, Be alert! Not all who were WOUNDED have a cane, missing limb, or visible scars.

PTSD: A war veteran hides from a fireworks show. It's not about what's wrong with you. It's about what happened to you.

"I think someone protecting our country should get paid more than a man protecting a football.."

I hate how stupid men, playing a stupid game get payed millions and millions of dollars. But the men and women risking their lives for ungrateful idiots like these football players get paid waaaaaay less than they deserve.

Re: Republicans CUT Veterans Benefits.. to continue SUBSIDIES+TAX BREAKS to the WEALTHY and RICH CORPORATE MOOCHERS!!!

If You Want To Thank A Soldier, Be The Kind Of American Worth Fighting For -- Special thanks to all veterans and enlisted military. We appreciate everything that you do for our country.

A handsome man indeed. Must read the story. Derek Schwendeman's grandfather above had a million dollar smile back in the 1950's. Once the internet got ahold of this photo, it went viral making a new generation SWOON.

32 Vintage Photos of Men In Uniform That Will Make You Swoon

The summer soldier strikes again


The summer soldier strikes again