Didn't actually read this one, but feel like I can just cover everything with tin foil

Space Party

For Zaden: space helmet! Next, cover some liter bottles with tin foil for a space tank and call it Halloween.

Sci-fi Alien and Astronaut Costumes (Image Heavy) - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS

Sci-fi Alien and Astronaut Costumes (Image Heavy) - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS - Decided to do something a little more elaborate for me and my bf this year, and as we're both huge incurable fans of science fiction, I made us a

Exploring the Aesthetics of NASA's Iconic Space Suit Design - Tested

Why is NASA& space suit white? The VP of David Clark Company, one of NASA& primary suit contractors, spills the details.

Apollo/Skylab A7L bellows, color. - Wikipedia Apollo space suit convolutes, detail image of the structure beneath the outer garment layer.

After the Apollo 1 fire, NASA cancelled all manned Block I flights and use of…

Columbia's Closet: Space Suit Quilting

This is my best estimate at the quilted pattern on the space suits. Riff & Magenta's seem identical. The red lines indicate where the sp.

Vintage space suit ...  looks like it was the right decision to save it for later in the closet of the inventor.  Just sayin'!

"The first high-altitude “space suits” were less technocratic achievements than feats of adaptation. In 1934 such a hand-formed “tire shaped like a man” brought aviator Wiley Post to the limits of the stratosphere.