What I don't understand is that Malia will understand and know how to do some things an then be totally clueless about other things.

Oh, these two are going to be entertaining this season. Lol - Teen Wolf - Malia (Shelley Hennig) Stiles (Dylan O'Brien)>> why do I think about the sharks in Finding Nemo when she says humans are not food but friends

S4 Ep11 "A Promise to the Dead" - Malia, Stiles and his dad

"A Promise to the Dead" - Malia, Stiles and his dad >>> this is one of my favorite parts in all of teen wolf

#TeenWolfSeason5 - Stiles and Malia ♥

Did anyone else notice that they were both wearing plad they match Malia is starting to dress like stiles this shows that stiles is ha ring an effect on Malia "its progress" xoxoxo

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