Stone stairs incorporated into a slope in the existing landscape

How To Make Your Own Stone Stairs

Love these steps with the gorgeous lavender... it would make for a lovely textural and aromatic walk.

Today, I have found for you some garden stone steps that you will have to check. So, let us see how these people decided to make their own stone steps.

40 Cool Garden Stair Ideas For Inspiration - Bored Art

40 Cool Garden Stair Ideas For Inspiration

DIY Garden Steps & Stairs • Lots of ideas, tips & tutorials! Including, from 'robinson landscaping', these awesome garden steps.

Step by Step! : DIY Garden Steps and Stairs

Natural Looking Winding Stone Stair - there are a lot of DIY projects a handy homeowner can do on his own, but this is one Id leave to the pros! This is so well done! Robinsons Landscaping and Nursery - Gardening For You

Dans le jardin, un bel escalier en pierres. Plus de photos sur Côté Maison

Déco en Provence : maison traditionnelle en pierre

millions of steps over the years have worn down the rock

Repetitive Human Action Over Time

Erosion can be physical or chemical. Water erosion is chemical- the water interacts with the molecules on the rock surface. These stairs have undergone physical erosion- people walking up and down them have worn down the rock.

Construction d un mur de soutènement en pierre sèche

Construction d’ un mur de soutènement en pierre sèche

escalier - nepeta

Garden stone, slab stairs surrounded by beautiful plantings - Lavender would be nice!

We have built rock gardens at every house we've owned

Pathway Plantings That Please the Senses - Here, black mondo grass, coral bells, sedum and low-growing evergreens thrive between a rock and a hard place.

This reminds me of my great aunt's patio and garden in Atlanta. I loved playing in each of the three levels of her garden with the pine trees at the very back of the garden; from Karen Armour and Joanne May.

Useful Tips To Create A Paradise In Your Backyard

WHo would love to have this landscaping rock and stone step duo in their yard? This design brings elegance to your yard while being easy to maintain.

Mossy path and stairs from

Mossy path and stairs from