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Storyboard Resource and Examples from OSU. Shows some examples of storyboards sketched out.

I have no idea what the heck this show is, and I plan on never finding out, and this is coming from someone who loves Ren & Stimpy

I like this storyboard because it is very strange yet interesting

Living Lines Library: The Lion King (1994) - Storyboards

© Walt Disney Pictures © Buena Vista Distribution Animatin drawing by James Baxter, layout drawing by Tom Shannon .


Nice detailed storyboard to give a good idea of what final animation should look like. The shading and toning is consistent and helpful but it lacks movement.

Storyboard Examples From "Skull Island" #Videography

Storyboard Examples From "Skull Island" #Videography

Storyboards Inc.

Fast paced action scenes require more cuts so the storyboard must account for all the cuts and what will be occurring in them. Each frame depicts some type of action or motion indicated by arrows or movement lines.

gladiator-storyboard-by-Sylvain-Despretz-Objects go out of the picture plane - Contrast of viewpoint, color, and detail. Use of asymmetrical balance for dynamic quality.

TIGER TALE Storyboards by Sylvain Despretz for Ridley Scott's Gladiator burst through the panels and suggest the intensity the director will ultimately deliver to the action.

Nice example of a level of finish/detail/shading that I could use for storyboards I create in this project. Note: excellent source for such things = Storyboards Inc.

Nice example of finished detail and shading to give a better idea of what the real animation would look like. Directional arrows help to guide the storyboard.