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My kids LOVE Ramen Noodles.This will come in handy.quick and easy 50 Amazing Ramen Noodle Recipes. for the months when the budget is a tad too tight. or because you love ramen noodles.

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Replace these noodles with tofu noodles and they're super healthy! 10 Quick-Fix Asian Noodle Recipes - Fast, cheap and quick! And you can use any kind of noodles you have on hand - fettuccine, spaghetti, ramen, anything!

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Ramen Noodles – a food staple for any and every college student. It’s easy to make: open the lid halfway, pour the seasoning, fill it up to the line with boiling hot water, cover it and let sit for a few minutes, and there you have it! A meal done.

Chicken Yakisoba

chicken yakisoba ½ green cabbage 1 yellow onion 2 carrots 1 broccoli 2 fresh ginger 1 large chicken breast 2 T vegetable oil 2 oz.) packages ramen noodles 1 t sesame oil (optional) ¼ c soy sauce ¼ c worcestershire 2 T ketchup sriracha hot sauce 1 T sugar

Chicken Ramen Noodles in Peanut Soy Sauce

Hi! Since the Chinese New Year celebration is this week, I thought that it would be an appropriate time to share a tasty Chinese-inspired recipe with you. This is a jazzed up version of the college-kid favorite: Ramen noodles! It’s affordable, fast, and easy – all of the same reasons that students love it –...Read More »