Accurate summary of Les Miserables; Funny Pictures – 34 Pics

Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway explaining Les Misérables at the SAG awards

Very Detailed Summary Of "Les Miserables" in Emoji...Nailed It!

Very Detailed Summary Of "Les Miserables"

Very Detailed Summary Of "Les Miserables" in Emoji.Nailed It! Powers Elsessera super long movie in emojis

Les Misérables Infographic | Course Hero

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"hotness is the only requirement for playing this role" YEP AARON TVEIT IS PERFECT AS ENJOLRAS AND HE'S HOT GODDAMN

A “Les Misérables” character guide

A “Les Misérables” character guide. Everything is perfect.except the thing about the Bishop. The Bishop is one of the best characters, without him, Valjean may have never changed.

Le Misérables. Except, um... Kind of random cute dude? Eponine as an afterthought? Nononononono. Unacceptable. @Samantha Barks is never an afterthought. And Aaron Tveit is way too awesome to be considered random.

Les Miserables.

Funny pictures about Les Miserables summed up. Oh, and cool pics about Les Miserables summed up. Also, Les Miserables summed up.

Les Miserables<<the last line is way too accurate. ..

do you hear the fangirls sing. singing the songs of hot French men. It is the music of a fandom who will not be sane again.

Sooooo true... Tried explaining it simply to my friend and I was like ok I have to start over an include all the details :)

I Dreamed a Meme: Les Miserables Meets the Internet