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Sunny Photography's Golden Rule Check out our infographic on making photography easier. Use the Sunny 16 rule to get better exposed photos.

Outdoor exposure cheat sheet (sunny 16 rule)

Improve Your Shots With This Photography Advice. Taking bad photos can get you marked as a photographer of low quality.

Sunny 16 photo rule --> Well, this could be true, or maybe it's not. I guess I'll find out when I actually take the camera out of its bag. ~JM

First thing they teach you in school is the sunny 16 rule.Simple Delights: Photography Tips Love this. Keeps me from taking tons of test shots with different apertures lol.

Sunny 16 rule chart.    Or, on a sunny day set shutter to match ISO and aperture at f/16.

Estimating Proper Exposure without a Light Meter Out of Doors Some new digital photographers seem to have difficulty believing that you can shoot a digital camera in manual mode outdoors for most of the daylight hours without using a light meter.

35mm film camera through-the-lens light meter for film photography

Guide to Film Photography: Dark room set up, film development, photo development (filtering), and other supplies needed.

A Beginner Photographer’s Guide to Understanding the Sunny 16 Rule

Not sure how to set your exposure settings when it’s sunny, cloudy or at sunset? Give the Sunny 16 Rule a try for mastering exposure.

The Sunny 16 rule: Aperture stays on f16 - shutter speed stays the same as ISO. F16 - ISO 100 - shutter 100

Understanding the Sunny 16 Rule

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