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Dude, you have to see this

Because they actually remembered "Hey Jude"! It's the song that Dean and Sam's MOM sang to them!<<<I think the song O' Death by Jen Titsu or someone should be on there! That's Death's entrance song and I love it!

[gifset] Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cake hole. #SPN #Dean #Sam

[gifset] Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cake hole. dad's and I best playlist, I guess we're demon hunters and we don't know it yet. Its the family business.

Supernatural Playlist 2 | Supernatural Music

Last summer, when I was doing Photo Friday for July, I shared a playlist I was currently loving. I just threw it together so we& have some.

I love this list! All except the meg one.... I like me some Meg.

You Know You're a Supernatural Fan When. [A STEAK through the heart? These are all lovely, though, except the anti-Meg one. I am in love with Meg, she kind of grew on me.

The Ultimate Supernatural Soundtrack

Eamilia Laughton on

The Ultimate Supernatural Playlist! Every time I hear Eye of the Tiger and Kansas and old rock I think of Dean Winchester and his Impala - both very sexy :)

For those who are tired of everything #LinkinPark #the_messenger

Playlists - putting this on this board because of the last one. and because Eye of the Tiger and ACDC are now irrevocably linked with Supernatural in my mind (the song for absolutely everything: Carry on my Wayward Son!

I will always cheer for the "Back In Black" scene. I will always get chills during the "O Death" scene. I will always laugh hysterically at Jensen's performance of "Eye of the Tiger." And I will always, ALWAYS get pumped when I hear "Carry On My Wayward Son."

Some of the best songs from supernatural. This show is making me remember how much I LOVE classic rock

I have the feeling Dean would never listen to Nickleback. LOL.

I have the feeling Dean would never listen to Nickleback, furthermore no dean playlist is complete without eye of the tiger LOL.