Vegan California Roll

Learn how to make vegan California roll or tofu uramaki quickly and easily, by following this step by step recipe! It tastes very similar to the original crab meat California roll recipe! #california #sushi #tofu

Future wife - you better love sushi as much as I do. just saying this is my favorite meal.japan Sushi originated as a means of preserving fish by fermenting it in boiled rice.

The complete guide to sushi in one handy picture ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Because we know you guys love to see inspiring food art news and trends, we decided to share this list of 25 of the most incredible pieces of sushi art we’ve ever seen.

Apéritif pas cher : conseils pour un apéritif facile et pas cher

recette de crêpe : recette crèpe au jambon, crepe mortadelle, sushi original - Apéritif dinatoire facile : recettes chic pour un apéritif dinatoire facile - aufeminin

Fish Importer Robin Kawada

Takesushi, NY's first sushi restaurant, originally opened in It has since re-located to Sunnyside, Queens, and owner Robin Kawada will still be there to greet you and tell you the day's fresh specials.

Banana Sushi

----------------------------- Original Pin Caption: Super easy banana sushi with peanut butter, chocolate, coconut flakes, pistachios, sesame and chia seeds.

Ham Cream Cheese and Pickle rolls

Ham and Pickle Rollups - quick, simple, and tasty appetizer for any get together. I LOVE me some pickles!

Sushi jar: Vegan sushi which includes cucumber, avocado and carrot is given a spruce up with some rainbow rice