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Witches Tools: Pyramid Magick

wicca-vuno-blessed-be: “ Moon Glyphs are magick symbols used for connecting with nature and Esbat magick. They are used by drawing the symbols in black ink on your skin.

The Viking Alphabet | Private swap with Norway_girl in Norwa… | Flickr

Runer The Viking Alphabet. Wallpaper and background photos of Runer The Viking Alphabet for fans of Vikings (TV Series) images.

Love this one! | Tattoo Ideas Central

20 Sweet Small Tattoo Ideas for Female

I'm getting my first tattoo in a month and I want it to be the 'explore' glyph but then I had an amazing idea! Get a different glyph on each of my fingers, it would look awesome!

Caduceus & Armillary Sphere

The caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes, made up of two snakes around a winged staff. The Armillary Sphere is a model of the globe, with rings and hoops representing the equator and the tropics. Tattoo by Balazs Bercsenyi.