There are #Fails and then There are These [Gallery]

It's going to take these people years to live down these funny fails!

#tattoofails are my favorite! Your tattoo sucks...permanently...

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Resilent? tatoo fail.  Think before you ink.

At Least She'll Bounce Back Quickly - RandomOverload

How they spell Mississippi in Mississippi... . ...15 more bad tattoos

Scarred For Life: 15 of the Worst Tattoos

Tattoo Fail.hahaha! No Regerts!  DUH!!!  ... maybe just one!!!  LOL

Farewell letter from

Some of the Most Epic Examples of Irony. I Think There Will Be Regrets When Someone Tells Him His Tattoo Says Regerts!

Fail Pictures Compilation

Fail Pictures Compilation

This is why you choose your portrait artist VERY carefully. Or just don't get a portrait.

12 Worst Photo Tattoos - photo tattoos

What time is it when the there's no little hand - and the big hand is all over the fucking place? Dufus o'clock.

Ink that stinks

This is like a ghetto clock version of Dalí's "The Persistence of Memory". Peanut sleeping on top.

i just love tattoo fails

So my friend just got a new tattoo...I wonder when she'll figure it out

Funny grammar mistakes and misspelled tattoos are the last thing you would require provided you are a fashion freak. The tattoo spelling mistakes will certainly turn a tattoo into a bad tattoo.