Zodiac Taurus facts. Taurus takes critique hard a lot of the time not because they think they’re perfect but because they feel they give their all in everythingthey do. For much more on the zodiac signs, click here.

Taurus takes critique hard a lot of the time not because they think they’re perfect but because they feel they give their all in everythingthey do.

Well...some of them may be true.... THIS MAKES ME LAUGH..BUT IT'S VERY TRUE......!

Just a warmed up post for Taurus season! ~ Taurus♉ Everything is true except for stubborn. I am NOT stubborn.

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Taurus Pet Peeves: being rushed, interruption, sudden changes, lack of common sense, ignorance & being hungry.

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This IS TOTALLY TRUE, at least it is for me. I happen to be a Taurus true&through and I am so very happy about that.