great thing for a closet!  As you take something out and wear it, put the hanger in the bag.  Then your closet won't be full of empty hangers.

The Hanger Hamper ~ Organize closets and laundry rooms ~ holds wood wire plastic…

#31. How to hang your pants the right way! ~ 31 Clothing Tips Everyone Should Know

31 Clothing Tips & Tricks Every Girl Should Know (Life Hacks)

31 Clothing Tips & Tricks Every Girl Should Know. Shown: The Savile Row fold, to prevent pants from slipping off the hanger.

Clever Household tip...No slip hanger.  Wrap a rubberband around the edges of the hanger to hold wide-shouldered clothing on a standard hanger.  No more clothes on the floor of your closet!  Why didn't I think of that?

Wrap rubber bands over hanger ends to help prevent slippage of clothing off the hanger. I'm thinking this could work for plastic, wire and wooden hangers alike. Blue Velvet Chair: Clever Household Tips

Best way to pack clothes for a move... still on the hanger, in a garbage bag! #tips

THE RUBBER BAND IS KEY! To all my friends moving into college. This is how to move your hanging clothes! Put a rubber band around the hangers and put a trash bag over them! A big black trash bag works the best!

You can make a simple and trendy macrame vase holder in ten minutes with just a few basic supplies and this step-by-step tutorial.

Here Are Some DIY Instructions to Make a Hanging Plant Holder

Candle/air plant combo in these would be cute on the patio.Hanging planters - I want to do this in the kitchen windows for the winter. There is lots of light but the sills are too cold to grow herbs well.

Metal pole that attaches to the deck railing to hold a bird feeder/flower pot up away from the deck.

Metal pole that attaches to the deck railing to hold a bird feeder/flower pot up…

Needing something for all the longer necklaces in our new line. Necklace hanger, could paint/decorate the hanger too

14 Easy Tips On How To Organize Your Jewelry

This is a easy make... all you need is a wire hanger and cloth that you want to decorate it with... Open the hanger, shape it in to a heart or just a plain circle, cut you material to squares as wide as you want it, push it through the hanger until you achieve how you want it... I hope this helps...

Half my Heart Deployment wreath. Would be neat to make for any military friends