where to. miss?  to the stars.    it put me off a little to find out this is a quote from Titanic movie. but cool, nonetheless.

"where to miss? to the stars" -- Titanic quote. Could also get it as couple tattoos. The man gets "where to miss?" And the woman gets "to the stars"

Assuming the coordinates are right, I'd love this Titanic tattoo. (Just checked. They are. These coordinates are specifically for the bow. Exactly what I would want.)

Titanic's Wreck-site Coordinates Tattoo >> I love this tattoo, but not the placement. if I decide to get this?

Titanic Quote Tattoo: "Never let go" ❤️ >> Never let go of the promises you give one another...

titanic quote if I were to ever get a tattoo. Would love this quote, favorite movie.

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"where to, miss?"  "to the stars." obsessed with this titanic tattoo :)

Titanic Quote Tattoo: "Where to, Miss?" ❤️ >> I love the vintage font, as well - I think the font might be similar to the typewriter?

To make each day count, my titanic tattoo. ❤️

"To make each day count" >> From my favorite movie, "Titanic" ❤️