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The dream home for my lifelong buddy. Can't wait to convert the window seat into one! Once I have the amazing house that is.

Sooooooo pretty I want it its buitiful I love it wish I could have this enclosed for Romeo

Great layout for a tortoise habitat - a variety in terrain, including the dirt mound with steps in the back. Love the solar lights and the gnomes too!

tortoise table | She's loving the stairs! I think I need to get a UV strip light for ...

tortoise table/ I think it's a great set up and the tortoises would sure love that lamp and those stairs

Keep your outdoor tortoise warm in cool weather! #DIY Heated Tortoise House -

Make a heated home to keep your outdoor tortoise warm! Select a small shed that will easily accommodate your tortoise and cut out a hole for the doorway. Cut a piece of plastic carpet protector to f

Tortoise+Habitat+Ideas | ... Pen latest Update - Tortoise Forum - Tortoise Husbandry Community

Aldabra Tortoise enclosure for ? tortoises (link at bottom of pg. to initial thread w/ more pic's of progress + explanations of why he put what where

Russian Tortoise Enclosure

Are you thinking of buying a tortoise to keep? Tortoise pet care takes some planning if you want to be.