beautiful japanese words - Pesquisa Google

"Lets meet in our dreams" - japanese words. A sweet phrase and something I've actually done numerous times. I love sharing dreams with loved ones.

This blog is in Japanese, but Google translator will turn it into English for you. Check it out :)

Fabric Covered Snap Hair Clips - great idea, a little too plain, I would add some beading ;

Pokemon Anatomy. Idk what this says, but it's really cool.

Pokemon Anatomy

Japanese Phrases

Okay, so the Japanese is cool. However, I'm so amused that there's actually a list of rejections, as though these are common sentences people will need to know.

While Chinese *is* a hard language to learn, one of the best ways to begin learning it is to start early and study often!  The pacing of Step by Step makes learning Chinese--even at the 1st grade level--a fun process!

The Hardest Languages to Learn infographic. Great for visual learners! Spanish structure and pronunciation are logical, and English is the harder of the two.