Customers at my job.... Lol. :) Live by the golden rule! Treat others as you want to be treated! Not how they treat you!

You represent yourself, not others - quotes about life - inspirational quotes - motivational quotes - love quotes AhA wise words :)

So true.... I won't remember the kind of car you drive, your social status or how wealthy you are but I will remember how you treated others and me.

I am not kind to be remembered. I am kind because I was taught to treat others the way I would want to be treated. Sometimes I fail at this but thank goodness for their forgiveness and kindness.

"There will always be people in your life who treat you wrong. Be sure to thank them for making you strong." - Zig Ziglar  More:

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Lessons Learned in Life | People who treat you poorly.

Parents & Step Parents who never cared to protected me. It is NOT my fault, and I refuse to put up with the BS!

via | it's always necessary / it still hurts though, esp when it is family who do not believe you are really sick.  i was on disability 3 months after my application. but even that great miracle does not convince them. that really hurts to the core of my being, i see that pain as another disease i have to cope with, i don't think i will ever recover from this wound.

The way people treat you is a statement of who they are as a human being. It's not a statement about you. Need to remember this!

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Forgive others as we all make mistakes. Treat others as God treats you when you make a mistake. Be kind!

Exactly cuz I remember my parents and teachers always saying treat others the way u want to be treated.

But you overly compensate and are nice and five minutes early and yeah. it's ok though for those few monents when people are nice

We used to be so close. I wish we could be friends like before.. I know everything you have said about me.. Which only came from the influence of others. I will be nice to you, I will treat you like a friend. But you are, in no shape or form, my friend. I don't want to be friends with a person who looks down on me, and tries to hurt me. I will forgive you, but I'm done with you.

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When you're constantly putting others before you you give them permission to take advantage. You set the tone on how others treat you. Eventually you will get burnt out. Hopefully you will see and know your own worth. Once you realize it many will challenge you. They will wonder why YOU'RE not doing what they're used to YOU doing for them. Don't fall for it! Do you boo! You're not required to validate anyone else's self worth but your own. #endofchapter. #newbook #necessarydrama…

Running yourself ragged trying to do things for others means you are neglecting yourself and burning yourself out.sometimes you have to put yourself and your own health first.

truth:Treat others how you want to be treated; whether it's like shit or respect.

Ironically people tend to change their attitude towards you once you start treating them how they treat you.