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yo soy un poco tsundere XD y un poquito poquito muy poquito yandere XD y quienes son ustedes 7u7 ya les dije el mio digan el suyo 77

Im Tsundere, Kuudere,Dandere all combined weird but I'm definitely by no means not Yandere!

Tsundere Poem. Baka: Idiot Ashiteru: I love you (I think) Anime/manga: Toradora Character: Taiga

Baka: Idiot Ashiteru: I love you (I think) Anime/manga: Toradora…

Seriously I may seem imature and childish but really I am a tsundere everyone says I am

Tsundere anime archetype ~ My favorite tsundere characters are Taiga Aisaka (the most well known tsundere) and Chitoge Kirisaki

Tsundere Queen- Aisaka Taiga Yandere Queen- Yuno Gasai.  Learn your anime terms people.

The Queen of Tsundere ( Toradora! - Taiga ) The Queen of Yandere ( Future Diary - Yuno )

I use this quote pretty frequently, actually! XD Unfortunately I don't even know what this is from :( XD

Just a girl who has a crazy obsession with Anime. I am an Otaku. I've loved Anime since I was little. I do all sorts of cute Anime posts and what not. it's called being an OTAKU.

Awesome description of the dere types!

Awesome description of the dere types!>>> I see myself as a combination of Tsundere and Dandere. <<< I like the Thugdere XD

Not a Tsundere Hoodie anime hoodie otaku meme by gesshokudesigns

Tsundere Hoodie anime sweatshirt Not a Tsundere japanese hoodie manga otaku cute anime hoodie pastel goth hipster unisex kawaii yaoi japan

I'm a Tsundere and Gemini but my friends think I'm more of a Kuudere

That moment when your sun sign is Leo, your moon sign Scorpion and your ascendant Sagittarius.

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