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How to make pop up books David Hawcock

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Andrea Deszo explains tunnel books but i would like to do something like this using my kids photos

Tunnel book directions

Tunnel book directions

My Tunnel Book Challenge entry draws the eye past the moon and Mars, gives a glimpse of Jupiter and Saturn, and focuses on a dazzling nebula at its core!

Tunnel Book Challenge: Far Out In Space

Tunnel Book Challenge: Far Out In Space - Media - Cloth Paper Scissors


PACKAGE DESIGN“DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE”Dream Tunnel Book / JournalMy paper city concept was based on interpreting the process of dreaming. “Down The Rabbit Hole” is a tunnel book that evokes the feeling of time passing as you fall into REM sleep, when yo…

Les productions en arts visuels : faisons le point

Create the world of your dreams in a box! Here are some cute beach and ocean diorama box ideas to inspire you, including a few tutorials.

A tunnel book based on the song 'Short Stories' by Patrick Wolf Height: 20.5cm Width: 15.5cm Depth: approx. 11cm I hope I put this in the right category YT vid of Short Stories if you haven't liste...

A Daily Deviation? I've now been able to instal lights in my shadow box! I'm never really the one to brag - but this photograph just dosen't.

tunnel book:  Song of the Summer by Catherine Bogomolovoj

Would make an impressive card and should fold relatively flat to avoid extra postage costs. tunnel book: Song of the Summer by Catherine Bogomolovoj

Tunnel Book

Tunnel Book

This is a great idea that gives a whole new meaning to the word "BOOK REPORT."  This "tunnel book" idea can be used across the curriculum and can be attractive as an alternative to the "old school" book report because it appeals to students who enjoy drawing, as well as helps to assess their ability to express themselves via a personal narrative or a summary of what they've already read.  It appeals to students because of the ability to make something 3D using minimal materials.

tunnel book tutorial-don't care about tunnel book but folded paper in background glued with each "hill" to watercolor sheet would make a great sketchbook.