Tyler's Oakley's Tips for Life @marissakorson We were just watching and talking about him last night. I saw this and thought of you! :)

Omg, thats some amazing life tips

I love Tyler Oakley and I dont even know which video this is from? Probs a Q and Slay but his sweater makes me laugh

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Honest advice from the queen Tyler Oakley in one of his Q and Slay's. He never ceases to entertain me with his unapologetic sass!

7 Most Inspiring Celeb Quotes About Bullying

8 Times Celebs Got Real AF About Being Bullied

7 Most Inspiring Celeb Quotes About Bullying Tyler Oakley

I got: Tyler Oakley! Which YouTube Star Is Your Soulmate?

Which YouTube Star Is Your Soulmate?

idk if i already posted this but its my favourite quote

Tyler Oakley Funny Quotes | Tyler Oakley on “ How I Met Chris Colfer ” << could not be any more true

I luv tyler oakley

Tyler Oakley Funny Quotes | ... Bell TylerOakley Tyler Oakley vmas laurenedit tyler oakley is perfect

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Taco Bell TylerOakley Tyler Oakley vmas laurenedit tyler oakley is perfect

tyler oakley :) words of wisdom my fine sir

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Tyler Oakly is life :P

Tyler Oakley my queen | pinterest via baileyyybroooks♡

This is me summed up in one picture Tyler Oakley, no social life, and One Direction

Tyler Oakley | My Message To The Haters (#AskTyler #5)

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I'd do it and I have araknaphobia

AWWW!!!!! Hes so inspiring, thoughtful, sweet, adorable, kind, loving... the list could go and on. :)

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Awww, Tyler~ ❤️‍ He's so inspirational to so many people, including me.

I remeber in Joeys book he talked about his learning disabilitie. When he was a kid he kept eating lead paint chips from their deck. He ate at least 6x the amount of lead that

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If they can make it, so can you. ~ you tubers

Everyone needs a Tyler Oakley in life.

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Everyone go check out his videos @ TylerOakley

kpop fans can relate to this a lot especially with friends and family haha XD

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My friend says that if I ever met Tyler Oakley, we would probably be best friends and be professional fangirls together.

TYLER TYLER JUST COME TO ME PLEASE I HAVE MONEY PLEASE see I wish I could be the one Tyler says he would go straight for. Flipping Ariana Grande took my boo ;-;

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I was laughing so hard at this part xD Tyler Oakley

TYLER-OAKLEY-QUOTE | The Streamy Awards

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Tyler Oakley Chats With First Lady Michelle Obama About Education

All I wanted to say is that U r special and keep rocking being U  :]

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Tyler is my wise queen.