I don't care what they say...I don't think this dog has a face a mother could even love!!  LOL :)

Ugly Dog

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Be crazy, stupid, silly or weird. Life's too short to be anything but happy!

Recently we asked you to send us your pictures of your dogs acting weird, and as you can see from this hilarious list, you certainly didn't

There is no such thing as an ugly dog! I mean, take this guy - so cute!

Homely pooches prepare for World's Ugliest Dog contest

There are some really ugly dogs in this year’s world’s ugliest dog contest. The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, the ugly cousin of the Westminster Dog Show, will be held this weekend .



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Tuna, the internet sensation<<<< you effing me? The dogs name is tuna! That's like giving pudge the fish tuna instead of peanut butter!

I'm not big on cross breeding but some of these are sooo cute, especially the Corgi/Dalmation! ~ Awesome Dog Cross-Breeds

Awesome Dog Cross-Breeds

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Is it bad that this reminds me of my boyfriend. not the saying, but the face lolll

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wooooo that face ! funny dog pictures - What do you mean there's no coffee?

Dog | The World Ugliest Dog Contest | Sissassy's Heartplace

The World Ugliest Dog Contest

I was watching Animal Planet just then, and it's topic was "World's Ugliest Dog". The dogs are really creepy. The first picture is a picture.

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