Learn to Play a Musical Instrument. I just purchased a tenor ukulele. We'll see how this goes....

Learn to play ukelele 16 Basic Ukulele Chords - 16 คอร์ดพื้นฐานอูคูเลเล่

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Bringing the world together, four strings at a time. Presented with chord charts, so you can Slay Play the Ukulele!

sean mendes stitches ukulele chords | Stitches - Shawn Mendes (KS3 performance guide sheets) by sophieivett ...

Guide sheets for Stitches to use for a band project or something similar, includes lyrics and piano chords/piano extension. For guitar/bass/ukulele parts I use a general guide for that instrument, also uploaded by me.

"Margaritaville" By Jimmy Buffett 'Ukulele Chords | Live Ukulele

"Margaritaville" By Jimmy Buffett 'Ukulele Chords | Live Ukulele

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I've only been playing for four days and I've got this one down in 5 mins but if you've never played an instrument before it might be a little harder