i luv UT

UT gifs animation - Sans chilling with beats (he's listening to Megalovania)

undertale, sans, gasterblaster, papyrus

Donald Trump would deport this joke

TFW I can tell the song Papyrus is hearing is Megalovania cat blasters TFW I can tell the song Papyrus is hearing Megalovania

undertale. British drivers. Sans and Chara. Lol, that would be my reaction too

Its because British people drive on the right, and he suddenly switched from left to right. It totally freaked Chara out! The X-Files just added to the mystery of how Sans switched sides.

Disbelief Steps by Steps by YAMsgarden

Disbelief Steps by Steps by YAMsgarden// this is damn cool I love seeing how people make artwork

Hmm Dancing sans oooh yee

ו Undertale Zodiaco •× - Tu Gif de Sans.

PAP-VADER vs SANS-JEDI- Part 1 by KooyaC

Papyrus felt his heart broken when he heard sans asking where is his brother Part 1 over here: Click ------------------------------------ Wowie, this gone much better than I thought LOL .

He dances to literally most of my songs

Dancing sans will dance to any song <<< Legend says that he won’t dance well with slow songs.


Read Random BD from the story Undertale Lemons by Da-Printer-Thrower (i cant write shoot me) with reads.

Undertale Sans and Papyrus

Undertale Sans and Papyrus, (i think sans is my spirit animal) ( i am a human, female, sans)