VAMPIRE ACADEMY Movie. SO BEYOND GLAD I gave this movie a chance. The previews completely FAILED to portray it. It even made fun of Twilight... twice :D. My <3 can rest easy now.

'Vampire Academy' Sequel May Happen – It's Up to You

Rose (Zoey Deutch) and Dimitri (Danila Koslovsky) flirt in the Vampire Academy movie

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters movie stills: Zoey Deutch (Rose Hathaway) and Danila Kozlovsky (Dimitri Belikov) pictures, photos.

Rose and Dimitri, Vampire Academy

Rose and Dimitri, Vampire Academy Most heartbreaking moment in the whole series

Vampire Academy - Frostbite - Shadow Kiss - Blood Promise - Spirit Bound - Last Sacrifice

Vampire Academy/Frostbite/Shadow Kiss/Blood Promise/Spirit Bound/Last Sacrifice