How To: Excellent article w/ patterns on how to make these Iron age / Medieval shoes!!  Best instructions you'll find out there - going to make me a pair!

Iron Age Shoes (previous 'viking Shoes')

Viking shoes tutorial (original post now only open to invited readers. She posted this full tutorial on Instructables)

SD BJD Viking Mammen shoes by on @deviantART

SD BJD Viking Mammen shoes by scargeear on deviantART. I posted this image twice, so I deleted the one with the fewest pins. Feel free to come back and pin this copy!

New viking shoes by ~VendelRus  I might try to make these. They need better war soles tho - interesting links in the comment section

This is a pic of my new shoes (or one of them anyway). Like my previous shoes they are based on a York and Hedeby finds. New viking shoes

Two Early Shoe Patterns. Roman shoes and Viking shoes.

Two Early Shoe Patterns I have made one like this before and they are comfy as gloves for my feet :) This can be taken to a shoe smith for harder soles when done too.

The best part is this comment: They ended up surprisingly comfortable for floormat shoes (where any comfort probably rates as surprising).  with sock, the nerd factor skyrockets, but so does the genuine comfort.

Iron Age Shoes (previous 'viking Shoes')

make your own "Iron Age" shoes.:) earth and living: iron age shoes: a tutorial, sort of