Vikings | 2.04 “Eye for an Eye” | Floki, great tv, addiction, powerful face, intense eyes, love his make-up, portrait, photo

Floki - Vikings Hrafna Floki Vilgerdarson - Real Floki, The Man Who Gave Iceland Its Name

Vikings | 2.02 “Invasion” | Jarl Borg There's an eagle in his future.....

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

A global dust storm blankets the surface of Mars; photographed by Viking Orbiter 2 in 1977.

astronomicalwonders: “ MARTIAN STORMS - Seen in 1977 by the Viking 2 Orbiter “Like its predecessor, the Viking 2 mission consisted of a lander and an orbiter designed to take high-resolution images, and study the Martian surface and atmosphere.

Ragnar this guy is a legend! Found my new favourite series

Ragnar Lothbrok's Hairstyle from Vikings

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ROLLO ~ The Viking who actually went on to become the 1st Duke of Normandy and great-great-great grandfather of William the Conqueror. He was also not related to Ragnar. (huge difference in time!)

celtic-viking: “Who was Rollo?Known as wanderer, he was such a man that no horse could carry, invaded France, and arrived in Paris navigating the river Sela.

'Vikings' Season 2 photos: First look at pregnant Princess Aslaug

'Vikings' Season 2 photos: First look at pregnant Princess Aslaug

stormbornvalkyrie:  Lagertha | Vikings 2.09 “The Choice”

stormbornvalkyrie: Lagertha

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