Old Milk Can...stuffed with sunflowers & a rusty wagon wheel in the garden. by janice

Old Milk Can.stuffed with sunflowers & a rusty wagon wheel in the garden. by Hercio Dias

Outdoor decorations

Planning a backyard soiree? We’ve already told you how to organize a backyard wedding reception, now have a look what to add.

Turn antique wagon wheel into a holiday wreath!                                                                                                                                                      More


We never had a dinner bell, but Grandma did and called the family in from the fields at dinner time.

Meeting George Weaver-Bell sculpture -- instruments need to be sculptural (for adult appeal) as well as functional (for child appeal)

I could do something similar with some items I have; I wonder how they secured the wheel in an upright position?

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Lighted Wagon Wheels for Fall Decor. Get the autumn porch decor with pumpkin and lighted wagon wheels. It will be the highlight for a special corner on your front porch and add an interesting centerpiece for the front porch table.

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Wagon Wheels recipe, learn how to make this iconic Australian biscuit from scratch:

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A little bit retro and whole lot delicious, discover how easy it is to make Wagon Wheels at home in your own kitchen. From a simple Wagon Wheel recipe to flavour alternatives, perfecting this childhood favourite is an absolute cinch.