Washington State Historical Society - Group of Native American hop pickers in the White River Valley of Washington State.

A Indian family working as hops pickers (above right). (Courtesy Special Collections Division, University of Washington.

The Washington State Department of Education is mandating that American Indian History be taught in schools from the Native peoples perspective. Here you will find the definitive map on the indigenous

This map represents the original pre-contact homelands of the hundreds of Tribal Nations that existed across what is now Washington state.

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Washington State History Lapbook - Ready to study Washington State History in a fun, hands-on way? This Lapbook includes an extensive Study Guide tha

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Washington - 'The Evergreen State' : capital city - Olympia. Admission to Union - November The flower is the Pink Rhododendron, the tree is Western Hemlock. The state bird is the Willow Goldfinch. State named after George Washington.

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Label and color this free Washington State Printable Map. We give directions on how to create a rainfall distribution map of the state as well.

List of the Presidents of the United States of America -- (This Photo was uploaded by Juanitaharris1.)

List of the All Male Presidents of the United States of America -- (This Photo was uploaded by women Presidents in U.

A great addition to your Washington State History unit! This presentation includes information on the following topics:  - State Seal - State Bird - State Flag - State Amphibian - State Folk Song - State Insect - State Motto - State Nickname - State Dance - State Mammal - State Tree - State Flower.  Supplemental video links, Cornell Notes, Postcard Exit Ticket and other printables are also included.

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A great addition to your Washington State History unit!

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Washington State history, county by county, city by city, important people, and outstanding events

Palouse region of Washington state

16 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Washington - Page 8 of 14

FREE Washington State History Printable. Which countries have claimed the area that is today the state of Washington? What are some of its major industries? Check out this free 7-page printable about Washington state history and create a map of the state, put a list of events in chronological order, and then use research prompts to learn even more. Explore the birth state of Bill Gates, Isaiah Thomas, Ryne Sandberg, and many others.

FREE Timeline Worksheet: Today, we celebrate November the date when Washington joined the Union as the state. I’ve created a timeline worksheet to help you learn more about this amazing northwestern state.