Westie puppy

West Highland White Terriers—Westies—are a dog breed originally bred in the West Highlands of Scotland. They are related to the Scottish Terrier. While Scottish Terriers can be black, red, cream, or white, the Westies are always white.

My husband and I made the decision today that we're going to get one of these and I am so so so excited! :))))

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Nothin cuter than a westie puppy it looks like a baby polar bear :)

How to Choose a West Highland White Terrier

This is what our Gracie doglet must have looked like as a puppy!!

West Highland white terrier or Westie is one of the interesting breed of dog to study.

OMG thete is nothing cuter....♡

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Westie. Too cute for words. These little white Westies just tug at my heart. Sweetest face doesn't cover it.

makes me smile every time I see a sweet face of a westie. Miss having a dog:(