Stuck between try harder & why bother

Stuck between try harder & why bother. My fucking mistake for thinking you were a different man. clearly I was mistaken again.

No one cares, so why bother. Tell them what they want to hear, I'm fine

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Why do I even bother?

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I am so totally broken and fucked up, it's not worth bothering trying to fix me!! Everyone is better off without me

But I'm starting to question everything. What if my mind is just tricking me? What if my mind is just making everything up, am I just pretending to be like this, am I really just a normal happy girl? What if everything has just been a huge lie?

It certainly feels that way, at least.

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don't even bother... u don't even KNOW wht u r sorry for... & never will... Frm bd: Vision Board

Don't bother apologizing if you're just going to continue doing the things you said sorry for. So true!

I think this is true for both. If you're not willing to put each other and the relationship first, why bother being married?

He absolutely failed! His wife and kids will never trust him or depend on him or his word ever again. His new wife is oblivious and naive to think he honors his word. We are proof to that. You had a family. You chose poorly.

Nobody worries about my feelings so now it's time for me to not care about anyone elses.

Oh, so know this feeling. and the thing is that this is not true. because I care. And I worry about my feelings, even when - especially when - it feels like no-one else does. No one mourns the wicked

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with my ex best friends who decided that I'm no longer good enough.But it's also apart of my current relationship now.I feel like I'm not apart of anyone's life anymore.

Why should one try to change bad-intentioned people's opinions, - Why bother?  It's not their place to judge you or anybody, so good riddance.  Some people think they're better than. So be it, let them GO, they don't deserve a second of your valuable time and they're not worthy if that's how they think. Bah to them!

True, I had someone dislike me for no reason who nicknamed me You can't change people let it go