There is absolutely no excuse why a breeder should not share these  certificates and the information they contain with you, other than to  either hide the results, or they don't test in the first place.  Heart test certificates are filled out by the qualified Veterinary  Cardiologist and given

Irish Wolfhound Puppies From Heart Tested Parents Only

timbercreek irish wolfhounds puppies | PUPPIES. I will have one soon very soon

Timbercreek Irish Wolfhound is the best place to find the puppy of your dreams. we have show and pet quality. close to Nebraska , Iowa , Oklahoma and Missouri.

Beautiful Irish Wolfhound Puppy - so freakin' cute! I will have one someday!

Beautiful Irish Wolfhound Puppy - so freakin' cute! I would breed with a poodle in hopes it would expand its life expectancy. 5 years is too short :(

An adorable Irish Wolfhound Puppy

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I'd love two of these.  One I'd name Beltain and the other would be Samhain.  In case your wondering Beltain is the druid name for the spring equinox and Samhain is the fall equinox.

The irish wolfhound is a larger breed who is known to be very playful. Here are a few photos of the Irish Wolfhound puppy and dog.

Irish Wolfhound Puppy.. Someone please buy me this and deliver it to my house :D

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