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They should slash them with every step. THERE it is, a woman definitely can't hide her hatred and why should she.

The woman in Islam :)  islam... islam..InSyaAllah. Quotes. Saying. Beautiful Words  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Subhanallah...  Islam is beautiful...Alhamdulillah

The Ladies in Islam :) May Allah give each and every single Muslim female the characters of these wonderful Women

rights of women in Islam

The Uplifted Status of Women in Islam - Important Hajj and Umrah Guides For Muslim USA

status of women in islam

Women in Islam are given a huge status and high rank. In this list are Islamic Quotes about Status of Women In Islam.

Modesty difference in men  women in Islam. Subhanallah. Shared from @Deb McGowan Times Instagram

Abu Bakr r.a - A man who is shy and modest is an amazing character, but a woman who is shy and modest is beyond amazing

Dear Sister.

To all the Mother's who sacrifice themselves to bring up their children righteously no matter what religion you are. Prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey!

▶ Women In Islam _ المرأة فى الإسلام - YouTube

▶ Women In Islam _ المرأة فى الإسلام - YouTube

Islam does not oppress women. Fundamentalism oppresses the weak. Don't confuse the two statements.

"Everytime i hear about the veil, and how Islam is to blame, this is what i want to say to everyone. Its a part of real history. As women we are free. (If you heard that Islam oppresses women please read.


The Status Enjoyed By Muslim Women in Eyes of Allah Almighty

The women of Islam where once tortured and their value was never seen, but Allah has helped them rise and in Islam it is said that the heaven is underneath the feet of a mother

Masha Allah

Masha Allah