Messerschmitt Bf109E 'Emil'   (click here to open a new window with this photo in computer wallpaper format)

The Messerschmitt Bf often called Me was a German World War II fighter aircraft designed by Willy Messerschmitt and Robert Lusser during the e.

1942 WWII Warplane Identification Chart German and par inpress

1942 WWII Warplane Identification Chart German and par inpress-- this would be an interesting wordplay, mentioning a little boy who could call the planes by their shadows.

This picture grabbed my attention because of the shear number of forces they had.

2 World War, planes dumping soldiers in parasuits, some has already landed, and are running to seek cover.

beautifulwarbirds: “ A great colorized photo of some Mosquitos. ”

de Havilland Mosquitos of 105 Squadron at RAF Marham, Norfolk, UK. December 11 None of the aircraft pictured survived the war, either being shot down or withdrawn due to heavy battle damage. GB-A, Hit by AA and crashed.