Heliotrope-colored walls are offset with chartreuse pillows and curtains in this metropolitan living room. | Photo: David Brittain/IPC Images | thisoldhouse.com

Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Colorful Living Rooms

Complementary Color Scheme: Color scheme using colors opposite each other on the color wheel.

COLOR HARMONY: This is a split-complementary color scheme. The oranges on the back walls and ceiling are not true oranges; one is more red, and the other is more yellow.

Triadic Color Scheme: What is it and How is it used?

Split-complementary colors: the light blue, the light orange and the light pink bird in the pictures is split-completely color

Tetrad color scheme-- LOVE this theme, it reminds me so much of memphis design. Not as extreme and unconventional but still so rebellious in comparison to other themes.

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I love this room because of the soft look it has. It looks like a fun little family room. I like the white couch against the bright and colorful chairs and pillows. This room is really cute and I like the concept of the pop of color in the pillows.

Желтый цинк – яркое пятно в магическом сиянии фиолетового цвета. Стоит правильно расставить точки фокуса в дизайне и от этой цветовой гаммы трудно будет оторвать взгляд.

Yellow zinc - a bright spot in the magical glow of violet color. It is necessary to place the focal points correctly in the design and it will be hard to l

Bright yellow, blue and orange scheme, inspired by fall leaves

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Quaking Aspen, Mount Moran, Grand Tetons, Wyoming -take a trip on th river - this place is breathtaking!

Photos in EJ Sooley House Heart's Delight Newfoundland.
Colors for my beach house :-)

EJ Sooley House, Heart's Delight Newfoundland - traditional - kitchen - other metro - CapeRace Cultural Adventures

This is an example of a split-complementary color scheme because of the blue, red, green, and orange. All opposite from each other on the color wheel but work well together in this room because they are used in small doses. Giving this room a lot of contrast, and making it a warm, cozy, inviting room. It is a great example of a split-complementary color scheme.

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