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8 Unique and Inspiring Yoga Tattoos + Their Meaning

The symbol is a unalome, a representation of the journey to reach enlightenment. The path starts in the centre of the spiral, and as you continue up or down this path you are wandering, becoming more conscious of your surroundings.

10 Yoga-Based Tattoo Ideas Yogis Are All About Right Now

10 Yoga-Based Tattoo Ideas Yogis Are All About Right Now

Namaste Tattoo, Ohm Tattoo, Tattoo Wolf, Tattoo Arm, Time Tattoos, Yoga Tattoos, Fitness Tattoos, Tribal Tattoos, Cross Tattoos

20 Gorgeous Tattoos Every Yogi Will Want - Cooler

Page: - Tattoos come in all forms, but have you noticed nowadays how many yoga lovers have got some awesome inked designs? 20 Awesome Yoga Spaces You’ll Want To Create In Your Home Many.

18 Beautiful Yoga-Inspired Tattoos -- chakra lotus

18 Beautiful Yoga-Inspired Tattoos

Gorgeous tattoo by Sara Reichardt. - Get yourself in Balance with a small help from us! Get your FREE Chakra Healing bracelet now!

inhale exhale tattoo - Google Search                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A calming tattoo design of the words "Inhale, exhale" made with one line could be used as a band around the wrist.

elephant tattoos with trunk up - Google Search

100 Mind-Blowing Elephant Tattoo Designs with Images

Small, pink and Indian and other Elephant Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Images with meaning. Best Elephant tattoos for on foot, hand, wrists or thighs.

Found this namaste tattoo on popsugar I guess and I love it!

44 Tattoos That Show a Serious Commitment to Fitness: If baring skin at the gym puts you in the mood to get inked, you might want to consider one of these fitness-inspired tats.