Lavender and Lime presents Young Living essential oil blend -- VALOR! by Sugarbean

➤ Quick, step-by-step guide to how and why to use an essential oil nebulizer. They are incredible devices for dispersing lovely scents of essential oils.

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Feelings Collection: Valor, Inner Child, Harmony, Forgiveness, Present Time, Release Code #3125 Retail: $224.67 Wholesale: $170.75 How to receive Wholesale Pricing Purchase a Young Living Premium Starter Kit - $160 Includes: Lifetime wholesale membership with no annual fees (A minimum of one $50 product order is required each year to maintain your membership) Enjoy even more savings and receive free products as you make therapeutic grade essential oils a way of life Benefi

The broad spectrum of therapeutic actions of essential oils are coming back into the lime-light for their healing benefits. Not only are they used as effervescent perfumes, but also as applications to temper aches and pains, as antiseptic remedies to prom

Valor Essential Oil: Confidence, Snoring, Back Pain, TMJ and More!

Young Living Valor Essential Oil- planning on applying this when my contractions start and diffusing it in my hospital room while I labor. I think it'll keep my anxiety down and strengthen my confidence to work through the pain for a natural birth.

Young Living Essential Oils: Temper Tantrum "20 drops of Orange, 15 drops of Valor, 10 drops of Release. I put them in an empty 5ml Valor bottle, topped it off with carrier oil (I used Grapeseed) and then popped on a roller top."

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Making your own substitute version of VALOR essential oil blend until back in stock.

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Making Your Own VALOR Blend! Energy Balance Blend 15 drops spruce (Idaho Blue Spruce) 7 drops frankincense 6 drops blue tansy 2 drops rosewood (if available, if not omit) 1 drop balsam fir (no longer used in current formula for Valor) - 2014

There’s a reason Valor® is so popular. Its aroma is like no other: refreshing yet comforting, grounding yet inspiring, sweet yet spicy. And, of course, people love its vivid blue color! Check out this infographic to learn more about why Valor is one of our most beloved blends.

The August Oil of the month is Valor Essential Oil Blend. Valor is one of Young Living's most popular blends. Its aroma is like no other, it is

DIY "SO HAPPY" Blend - Young Living Essential Oil.

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Here is one of my favorite roller ball recipes for my ” so happy” blend. This blend truly is such a great uplifting blend.

Young Living Essential Valor & Vetiver Oils for Balance & Grounding  | For more info, visit:

This Combo has kept my kid from getting kicked out of Kindergarden. Seriously, if you have hyper kids. Young Living Essential Valor & Vetiver Oils for Balance & Grounding.

DIY SLEEPY TIME PILLOW SPRAY Put 3 oz of witch hazel (or half witch hazel/half…

DIY SLEEPY TIME PILLOW SPRAY Put 3 oz of witch hazel (hammamelis) (or half witch hazel/half distilled water in a 4 oz glass spray bottle. Add drops of lavender essential oil. Shake gently and spray on pillow before bed for a restful night of sleep.

Young Living Essential Oils: Make your own Valor while it is out of stock! for more oil info

young living valor: 15 drops Idaho blue spruce, 7 drops frankincense, 6 drops blue tansy, 2 drops balsam fir, 7 drops almond or coconut oil

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Valor Essential Oil Step go to www. Make sure you choose wholsale member and order the premium starter kit- it is the best value for your money. Make sure my numbers are filled in 1834240