20 Inspiring Eye Quotes

20 Inspiring Eye Quotes

The kind i could get lost in. I got lost in your beautiful blue eyes. and they say when a guy likes a girl he look into her eyes deeply.

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His eyes drew me in first. They sparkled and there was just something in those eyes - yep. Love those eyes.

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She is Art. What the Fuck do you expect from her, other than Confusion, Beauty, and Goddamn Soul?

I remember the very first moment I properly looked into your eyes. It was like gazing at the stars for the first time.

I still remember the first time I saw you. And I memory of our first kiss play on and on in my head!

When I Look into Your Eyes Quotes

🤗i love looking into Your eyes My Gorgeous Love! i am instantly pulled deeper in. From that first look, from the pictures You sent before that Your beautiful eyes captivate me!

You are different. There are so many things that make you Shine.  Your heart, your smile, your eyes...everything.

He was different. There was something about him that made him the one star to shine in a sky with a million that went unnoticed. It was the way he carried his heart in his eyes and I swear, I saw my name there more than once.