I LOVE this movie. Especially this part. I always tear up.

Niall just confirmed that him and Barbara are dating. I'm getting off for a while to recollect myself. Im shaking so hard from crying. I love you guys xx Be good to him Barbara please! D,,,X<<< well I'm sad.

Zac Efron | 17 Again

My pin goes out to Zac Effron. I loved you even in the days before you became extremely hot and were in High School Musical

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Pin for Later: 23 Shirtless Zac Efron GIFs to Get You All Hot and Bothered For Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Efron first graces us with his pecs in 2009's 17 Again.

Efron first graces us with his pecs in 2009's 17 Again.

Pin for Later: 23 Shirtless, Beachy, and Bikini-Filled GIFs to Make You Cherish Summer Zac Efron, 17 Again

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Zac Efron Attends "17 Again" Madrid Photocall

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the moment Zac Efron gets out of the car in 17 again <3

Nothing hotter than a guy with shaggy hair, blue eyes, wearing a tie (who is also Zac Efron)