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No joke I'm a cancer and I actually broke my arm while climbing the monkey bars, I was sorta jealous that the other kids could climb them and I couldn't.

Like if your sign applies to you I know mine definitley does :P • •

Ahhh not so true(cancer) I'm more likely to not really listen depending on the class and draw on anything<<< I'm Aquarius but I relate more to Virgo when it comes to school

zodiac signs tumblr - Google Search

Libra: *falls in slow motion* tell my mother.I maxed out her credit card. Scorpio: Maybe it was too extreme. BUT THE DOOR ASKED FOR IT! *pouts down at stubbed toe* it hurt dammit.

zodiac signs tumblr - Google Search

This is freaking adorable and everyone should read this, especially if it’s been a bad day.

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