Watch the first season on Netflix!  Based on James Patterson's bestselling novel, CBS's new summer series Zoo is all about the eye of the ... lion?

Exclusive 'Zoo' poster claims that 'the wild shall inherit the earth'

I knew Mitch and Jamie were going to get together from the first episode. I freaking called it!

Jackson & Abe talking about Mitch's feelings toward Jamie in the season finale (Wolk/Anozie)

It's all in the eyes ! Something bad is happening Zoo tv show

Will Animals Overthrow Humanity? The Surprising Plausibility of CBS's Sci-Fi Drama 'Zoo'

Zoo (TV series) - Wikipedia

Zoo (TV series) - Wikipedia

NEW - CBS - Begins June 30 - Zoo: James Wolk, Kristen Connolly, and Billy Burke star in a new drama series based on James Patterson's novel about a global pandemic that causes animals to launch violent, coordinated attacks against humans.

The new CBS thriller "Zoo," about what happens when animals start attacking humans, may be more silly than sensational, but it does have the benefit of likable performances by James Wolk, Billy Burke and Nonso Anozie.