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Soldats Sénégalais affectés aux tâches quotidiennes, à Soissons (Aisne). Autochrome de Fernand Cuville (1917)

autochrome: 1917 Fernand Cuville, French soldiers rest in the grass after lunch on the Western Front in Aisne

Photographies d'un soldat avant et après la pose d'un masque sculpté, 1920, Anna Coleman Ladd papers, Archives of American Art, S.I.

Ladd's papers include these photos of a World War I veteran with and without his mask, circa American Red Cross/Anna Coleman Ladd papers/Archives of American Art/Smithsonian Institution

Trois soldats atteints de conjonctivite intoxiqués le 23 mars 1918 ; photographie médicale  Description :  Photo prise à l'H.O.E. de Morvillars pour le Centre Médico-Chirurgical Série : Autochrome de la guerre 1914-1918  Auteur :  Aubert

Three French soldiers with conjunctivitis after a German gas attack on March France, 1918 (autochrome)


Colorized images of Maney, Moe and Jacques posing for the camera in their Turco uniforms during WWI. They later opened an automotive supply store with great success (Pep Boys)

Лицевой протез для раненого солдата Первой мировой./Facial prostheses for wounded soldiers of the First World War.

WWI facial prosthesis - because of trench warfare, so many wounds were to the head and face. Before plastic surgery was common, doctors and artists worked together to give returning young soldiers a way to fit back into society.