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A Rabbit Can - Cute! Glue felt-covered cardboard head onto cut-away can. Paint on hands and carrot directly onto can, or paint on paper/fabric that is attached to can. Use white pom-poms to toss for a game.

Super, ce week-end, c’est Pâques. C’est donc la folie des œufs cachés dans le jardins. Des grandes parties de cache-cache dehors s’annoncent. Avec cet article, on vous donne des alternatives à la chasse aux trésors.  Une chasse aux trésors sensorielle pour s’amuser avec tous les sens ! 1. Chasse aux trésors des Pirates !    Où …

4 idées pour des chasses aux trésors sensorielles

Pirate party - digging for treasure cute idea for kids Halloween party.each parent brings a bucket full of sand already filled with the trinkets they want their kid to find - can be a colored bucket the kids can use at the beach the next summer!

Utilitarian Mom: Projects: Rio Movie Blu And Jewel Costumes

My kids LOVE the movie RIO. They talk about it all the time, sing the songs, and pretend to be the characters.

Turn An Old Dresser Into A Doll House

Turn a dresser or armoire into a gigantic doll house and use drawers to store clothes, accessories, and dolls. Great Idea for storage, totally plan to make my daughter a dollhouse with furniture

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