Seibun + Chakin

Goldfish - beautiful photo by Osamu Yamazaki - -. not really sea creatures, but beautiful nonetheless!

articulated silver fish pendants. i have one of these, apparently theres a (german) tradition when a girl turns 14 years and 7 weeks she gets a necklace with one of these on it.

Vintage silver fish charms love my articulated fish pendant necklace that I got from my gran many years ago

This wallpaper.

Instead of being a fish wallpaper it almost looks like the wall is a portal to a streak. All the fish moving. de Gournay: Our Collections - Wallpapers & Fabrics Collection - Japanese & Korean Collection

these fish are so cute

How scrumptious are these beautiful knitted fish by Brighton based designer Kate Jenkins? Part of her fashion and homewares range for her own label Cardigan, the designer has previously sold her kn…

fabric fish

for the kids who are tired of sock creatures, because every child loves cuddling with fish.


Going for gold(fish): 3,000 owners compete to see who has the fattest, longest pet fish in China

Stealing the show: The frontrunner for the longest goldfish category, a long Black lion-head goldfish